Mission: We help music professionals, build socially conscious entertainment companies and philanthropic initiatives, with a feminist approach to development.  

We provide fundraising and capacity building services to support the life and brand of the music professional. 

We take ideas, projects and programs that aim to affect positive social change, and grow them into self sustaining operations. We do all this while managing and developing the music brand so that music remains authentic and the charity work operates with integrity. 

*A social enterprise applies for-profit business strategies to maximize improvements intended for the betterment of the human experience, with astute consideration to local communities, and equitable natural resource accessibility. 

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Arfaib's Capacity Building Services

 Tier One: Consultation Package

  • Start-Up Business Consultation

  • Single Event Management

  • Event - Audience Relations

  • Social Capital Analysis

Tier Two: Strategy Package

  • Business Growth Capacity Audit

  • Event Series Development

  • Market Outreach & Finance Analysis

  • Strategic Brand Development

  • Social Campaign Development

Tier Three: Management Package

  • Infrastructure & Systems Management

  • Entertainment Project Production

  • Communication Strategy Development

  • Social Brand Capacity Management

Tier Four: Fundraising Package

  • Fundraising and Donor Relations

  • Strategic Partnerships Development

  • Budget and Finance Management

  • Capital Campaign Management

  • Social Impact Program Management

Previous Clients and Social Impact Projects

Projects on the left directly concerned Africans in Africa and in the diaspora. 

Projects on the right focused on creating space for social justice and empathy.

 All projects married entertainment and cooperative economics awareness.