Blog: The Soundboard

Think of Arfaib's blog as a virtual round table. A place for debate, discussion, the coming of minds, where innovation is refined to perfect, where resolve is conceptualized and solutions are calls to action.

At this round table, we are not passive viewers of injustices.  Arfaib is a soundboard, where history is heard in the voice of the non-victor. At this round table we are motivated by the idea that change and social justice is achievable.

How you ask a question dictates how it will be answered.

a letter to my audience

Dear readers and thinkers,

I have always imagined the conversation would be different, if those influenced by an act or a policy had a seat at the table... if their voices were included in the beginning, as power shifts are decided... instead of at the end when those voices become cries of outrage at injustice. It is not enough to have representation, if it is just ceremonial or a symbolic gesture. Through representation at the table is an important step, it is meaningless if all do not have respectively equal stakes in the conversation.

Developing countries particularly those on the continent of Africa, currently hold symbolic seats at the tables where policy is made. Similarly, Africans on the continent, Africans in America (African Americans) and Africans in the diaspora at large across the board are battling for non-symbolic / equitable seats at policy-making-tables. 

I say battle because we are not idol, waiting for handouts, we are actively engaging. There are many diffent vantage points, as all Africans are living a different story, we are united in wanting agency and equity. 

Here, at this roundtable you will hear all our voices and if need be our outcries too. 

Sincerely with love,- Arfaib