Blog: The Soundboard

Think of Arfaib's blog as a virtual round table. A place for debate, discussion, the coming of minds, where innovation is refined to perfect, where resolve is conceptualized and solutions are calls to action.

At this round table, we are not passive viewers of injustices.  Arfaib is a soundboard, where history is heard in the voice of the non-victor. At this round table we are motivated by the idea that change and social justice is achievable.

How you ask a question dictates how it will be answered.

Monday Call to Action

It’s been a week with Trump in office, 14 Executive Orders, a historic worldwide women’s march, and nationwide airport peaceful protests.  We have been as active as he has, in fact we are still active and here is what you can do to participate.

Call and write your representatives and ask for the following:

1).  A judge in Brooklyn put a stay on Trump’s executive order. Call your Senators ask them to vote in support of this decision, effectively stopping the implementation of the Muslim travel ban.

2) Ask your representatives to support the BRIDGE Act

Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) have introduced the BRIDGE Act, bipartisan legislation whose intent is to allow people who are eligible for or who have received work authorization and temporary relief from deportation through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to continue living in the U.S. with permission from the federal government.

3) Call to stop Jeff Sessions

On Tuesday congress will vote on Jeff Sessions becoming Attorney General. Senator Jeff Sessions once deemed unfit to be Alabama federal judge cannot be US Attorney General. His positions on race, civil liberties, women’s rights and LGBTQ rights will put many in jeopardy.