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Think of Arfaib's blog as a virtual round table. A place for debate, discussion, the coming of minds, where innovation is refined to perfect, where resolve is conceptualized and solutions are calls to action.

At this round table, we are not passive viewers of injustices.  Arfaib is a soundboard, where history is heard in the voice of the non-victor. At this round table we are motivated by the idea that change and social justice is achievable.

How you ask a question dictates how it will be answered.

it's not about #thedress

So it would appear that the appearance of a dress was THE hot topic via Social Media. Mass consumption confusion, memes and hashtags went viral. It was contagious, no matter how hard you tried minding your own business. #theDress was foie gras and the pretentious amongst us was enlightened. "In a postracal america," said the pretentious facebook friend we all have "this dress is an indicator of how we see each other and finally a reason to talk about colorblindness". 

Such superficial extensional platforms are laughable best. I could not event muster an eye roll because this America, is how society has now chosen to discuss things. This weekend marked the 3 year anniversary of Trayvon Martin's death. There has been no justice and no peace, but there is a dress to help America talk about race issues?

#theDress, however is an indicator of how we engage each other. Tempers and insults flared as people got frustrated trying to understand the perspective of the other. Many waited until the truth of the dress was uncovered by others, so that they can comment on the matter with the certainty of everyone else's opinion behind them. Must we wait to be told what to think? Must we be angered to insults before we understand the topic at hand. Must we oversimplify a matter only to highlight our superior self-examined self-appointed pedestal? 

We popcorn our news and information, and then demand that everyone around us consume it in the same manner. #theDress showed we have no patience for each other. No will, to understand where another is coming from. No compassion, when we find that we are on opposite ends. When we see that our neighbor is standing at an opposite end, we as a society have lost the art and the skill of talking towards a of place of balance and understanding. 

The dress is gold and white, because of the background, and filter, and sometimes the angle of our screen, it can look black and blue if you look too quickly. Everyone is right. 

RIP Trayvon Martin and the too many others to name.