Blog: The Soundboard

Think of Arfaib's blog as a virtual round table. A place for debate, discussion, the coming of minds, where innovation is refined to perfect, where resolve is conceptualized and solutions are calls to action.

At this round table, we are not passive viewers of injustices.  Arfaib is a soundboard, where history is heard in the voice of the non-victor. At this round table we are motivated by the idea that change and social justice is achievable.

How you ask a question dictates how it will be answered.

Something else to hashtag and "care" about.

Approximately 2000 people were murdered by fire in Nigeria. So what is the new hashtag going to be? #NijiaNiMi? Because it is true ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬‪#‎Nigeria‬ included.

I have to ask, are we doing our part to understand the historical content and the failed law/policy implementation that brought us to this point, the institutionalized criminal behavior that soaks the system leaving it waterlogged, sluggish and backed up on justice?

‪#‎Icantbreathe‬ and I can't stand to see when people pick and choose to be involved based on what is trending on social media. Often those people are self promoting. I am however, interested in understanding why elections for decades after ‪#‎Biafra‬-Nigeria civil war are increasingly problematic. Why is Nigeria having such difficulty finding peace throughout its nation? Why has it not found a unified sense of identity, and has not found a resolve for equitable governance. What has been found is the many ways to exacerbate the exploitation of every resource this country has, including its own people. 

-signed ready for resolve ‪#‎Arfaib‬