Emma Nyra


The Artist

Emma Nyra is a multi award wining international artist is known for her R&B vocals over soca and dancehall infused Arfrobeats rhythms.
She writes her own songs, produces a lot of her tracks, she raps and sings, she is owns her record label Nyra Nation and foundation #NyraPhoenix. She self directs every stage performance with amazing acrobatics that has dubbed her the title Lady #StageKiller who #FlipsInHeels. 

Genre: R&B, Afro Pop
Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA
Musical Influences: Sade, Salena, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston
Press Contact: EmmaNyra@gmail.com
Booking: 1.915.309.7003

Emma is a show stopping entertainer

The Socially Conscious Business

Nyra Nation  (record label) 
Huffington Post listed Nyra Nation as top two Music Entrepournrial ventures to watch in 2018. 
The article reminds readers that with all these accomplishments we forget that Emma is a graduate of Texas Southern University where she earned a bachelors in Healthcare Administration with full ride  volleyball scholarship. Her educational training is what equipped her with the business her own foundation, where she gives back to her community particular encouraging young girls to believe in themselves. 

Smart, caring and business savvy she has seen the best and the worst of the music industry and determined to be a mentor and leader for other women artists. 

“My record label will be about supporting and promoting musical talent that happen to be women, showing them the ropes and providing a strong network for them. Currently the music industry particularly, afrobeats, its dominated and saturated with male artists. This is not to say we don’t love their art and music, of course we do, but we want to hear women tell their own stories too. We deserve a say in how this afrobeats movement is going to grow and develop. It can’t and shouldn’t happen without us” - Emma at United Nations  Youth and Gender Equality Conference. 

Her wish, as expressed in a recent Guardian Music feature, is to  see more female artists headline major concerts. Her goal is to lead by example, showing there isn’t one narrative for a women. She is a proud Nigerian, a compassionate activist, a driven athlete and determined entertainment artist. 
She is just getting started. Stay tuned for more surprises, much more advocacy work and more songs from the Lady of the Water Emma Nyra!


The Product Line


#Emmanyra #NyraNation #YummyMummy 

The Feminist

Nyra Phoenix Fundation
Leading up to her birthday Emma partnered with The300Project, a local organization in Nigeria, to bring awareness to sex-trafficking and the human rights violation of girls or young children. 
She is building a platform to support women in difficult situations. She understands even seemingly mundane life occurrences are made more precarious because of gender. 
Determined to lend her voice to the greater good, her new single  #WhatHappenedToTheLove? (release today on her birthday) brings attention to the recent tragedy’s experienced by women in Nigeria. Though these events affect all Nigerians, the circumstances of these events disproportionately effect women to a sever degree.  

The proceeds from this song go towards providing relief to those directly affected by recent tragedies.
Complications and political issues with Nigeria’s natural resources have led to oil price hikes, petrol fires, limited access to recourses that immediately effect the open markets almost exclusively ran by women. Some experts have also made the correlation between wealth disparity and the spark of militant vigilante activity that has grown to be umbrella-ed as Boko Haram. 
Emma’s hometown is Asaba, Delta State. The Niger-Delta region has had a long history with oil misconduct, spill, and devastation of fishing waters and farmable land. It is no wonder that Emma has taken these issues to heart. 

What Happened to the Love?

This new release is the latest attempt to give back to her community, like she has done throughout her career.  She has given her time by participating in charity football games, visited elementary schools and provided assistance for pop-up clinics in her home village Asaba. 

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