The Artist

Through laughter society can be disarmed for a moment to honestly address problems we all experience. We all typically laugh at the same thing, we only think we’re different. Glitterati creates platforms that help mirror society with humor. To date she has created three. 

First is Ms Ayodele, a fictional mother points out how we’re all worrying about the same thing and she redirects us to what’s important, and enjoyable about life. 

Second Glitterati seamlessly weaves African American and African sensibilities. As a concert and music award show host she uses humor to draw a bridge between Africans in the diaspora and Africans on the continent. Afrobeats is an international movement. To reach its fans acts have to travel, it is important to have host that is a master of ceremony and understands all cultural references at play. Both the audience at the host city and the traveling acts need to be in harmony with each other, and a savvy host keeps the communication between stage and audience in tact during music performance transitions. 

"Laughter is the music of her heart" 


The Philanthropy

Third is Africa Everything the fosters a community of Africans in America helping Africans on the continent and through a 'wankada sentiment' literally travel to each other’s community and help each other to build. 

On Sunday July 15th the day of the 2nd annual Africa Everything fundraiser  

Aisha Dori is owner of Glitterati ENT an entertainment company, and founder of Africa Everything a charitable venture aimed towards helping communities in Africa rebuild. Each year Aisha picks a community, discerns their need and facilitates in helping them provide solutions to a local problem. 

This year she is focused on Liberia. James Stwart School is an Elementary School in Liberia in need of much assistance. Due to poor government support, the school experience some interesting hardships. Natural wear and tear of a building became increasing problematic when the roof of the school came toiling down on students.

Making Bold Moves for Africa 

A Goal Reached Unable to resolve the issue, students have been attending school in "open air" conditions. The community is of little means and families are having a heard time with school fees and uniforms. Yet student show up everyday, rain or shine, to learn.
Click on the images below to see videos of the rebuilding efforts for the James Stwart School in Liberia. 

Aisha Dori of Glitterati ENT, Ms Ayodele and Africa Everything Annual Fundraiser

Grand Prizes!

Proceeds from ticket sales of the event-fundraiser went to help fund the rebuilding of the schools roof. In addition guests were encouraged to wear African inspired attire to add to the ambiance and festivities. It help remind people why they were in the room. It created a collective environment which made guest really feel like they are participating in a community service greater than themselves. In the spirit of the festivities best dress ticket paying guest competed to win the following:  

This gift was sponsored by Access Africa: the first travel agency focused on Africa trips owned and operated by an African Woman. This gift included hotel accommodations for two! 

This gift was sponsored also sponsored by Access Africa. Two guest could choose which Award winning Broadway Play they wanted attend. 

This gift was sponsored by AMP photography. This up and coming artist is super talented and working with a lot of influential people in the AfroBeats and African entertainment industry.  

These prizes were not the only way the community contributed to the experience. Below were all the ways that guests could contribute and support African vendors. Each vendor donated a percent of the sales towards the rebuilding effort and education stipend efforts for the James Stwart School in Liberia. 

African art available for purchase by Liberian artists.

LIVE Afrobeats performances from Brighteyes an early pioneer in afforests music. Who took an hiatus from the industry when is musical partner and brother died suddenly. It was truly a unique experience to have him perform. He had decided after the death of his brother to never hit the stage again. This campaign gave him a change of heart and he felt like it was the ideal time to come out of retirement for this one time only event.  

Guests were also entertain by a high-end 30 model powered Ankara Fashion show. Guests were given a really treat as some of the most talented designers showcased their work. All four designer created special pieces for the event that were also sold to help with the fundraising and community support efforts. 






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