Jenee Jones


The Artist

Recognized as one of North Indiana’s top 50 artists to watch, this artist on the rise is determined to show you how a deep love of music can protect provide for the ones you love. In her voice, you hear the depth of her compassion and you can’t help but be moved.

Jenee' Jones is a native of Gary, Indiana. She began her music career while attending Emerson School for the Visual and Performing Arts, where she became classically trained and excelled in district and state vocal competitions.

After graduating, Jeneé attended Columbia College Chicago as a vocal performance major, then finished her degree from The Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. In 2013, Jeneé was elected Miss Choir of the world-renowned Acapella Choir. Jones' talented voice has afforded her performances for President Barack Obama,  Sounds of Blackness and the Annual Peace Conference in Japan (Tokyo and Hiroshima).

Jenee' is a soul singer.

The Product Line

Jenee’ Jones is the CEO of Bratty Bundles a hair company that celebrates the various hair textures of women.

Some are blessed with their beautiful tresses and some are gifted with invisible crowns.”- Jenee’ Jones.

While owner Jenee’ Jones embarked on a new journey as a college freshman, she began working at a locally known hair salon to earn money to commute back and forth to campus. She became quite fond of the beauty industry and the diversification of women empowerment it had to offer. Jenee’, majoring in Vocal Performance Arts, took additional courses in Special Effects Makeup to enhance her knowledge in musical theatre.

As time went on, she realized her interest in the beauty industry had grown tremendously. She would watch women come in and be emotionally transformed because they had taken the time to nurture themselves. The hair salon became a communal “woman cave”. Women would come in with worries and stress,  and while being serviced they would vent and collectively problem-solve, they would then leave with an enhanced self-esteem and a new perspective.

While in college, she started purchasing different textures of hair from companies to start planning what we now know as, Bratty Bundles. Bratty Bundles has now been sold in various states in the US as well as internationally. Jenee' is very proud of her accomplishments and has a non-profit that provides hair extensions for individuals experiencing hair loss from underlying illnesses, Ginseng.

The Socially Conscious Business

The Advocate Jeneé picked up a bit of a reputation while in school for being the one that wasn't going to put up with watching people get taken advantage of or any injustice she witnessed. She stood up for people and for herself. Her resilience and determination to do what's right came from her seeing the hardship people endured in Gary. Watching family scrap to hold things together as the steel mills closed and no other opportunities came to the city. Singing and Wiley College had taken her away from that environment and opened new doors and her eyes to new possibilities. She knew to keep those doors open she would need some extra financial support. So she started doing hair in her dorm.

Jeneé's Social Enterprise Bratty Bundles started as a dorm room necessity that turned into a passion project. Hair is a big deal in the black community and a statement of identity in an HBCU.

Jeneé attended Wiley College a historically black university known for inspiring the movie The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington

The Business of Hair. Consider hair and beauty a woman's armor. It's her declaration of how she wants to enter the world. How she wants to be seen. Hair for women of color can also be a statement reflecting her political stance, it can be an extension of her personality, a declaration of her independence or her spiritual state. It is also a multi-million dollar enterprise. For Jeneé it is not just about the money it is about the freedom to express oneself, to speak without words, a defense mechanism of sorts.

The Product Line: Bratty Bundles, the name inspired by Jeneé's sometimes misunderstood spunky personality, is a hair company that endeavors to be ethically sourced. Providing quality hair that has been honestly obtained is important to Jeneé. The hair is fairly priced because of Bratty Bundle's policy to pay fair wages to the donors and manufacturers. The process of building Bratty Bundles inspired the Ginseng Health Program. This program is a way for women with critical or terminal health issues who want to regain a sense of self, during their health crisis.  


Ginseng a phonetic play on #JeneéJonesSings. This charitable venture is actively building out its Community Health Service and Educational Outreach programs. Thematically Jenee’ Jones music is about uplifting in moments of unexpected crises. You’ll see that this is central to who she is as a person and her philanthropic work.

Ginseng - Community Health Service Program tours health centers, nursing homes, and hospitals, bringing healing through music to the critically and terminally ill. Singers, as community service providers would train with sound therapist in order to be equipped with songs that are clinically proven to support healthy recovery. Singers will take implicit bias, and emotional IQ tests to ensure, as services providers they are not operating under any presumption of discrimination and are prepared to handle what can be emotionally charged scenarios.

Ginseng - Educational Outreach Program provides a supportive and participatory learning environment for school aged children in Trinidad and Tobago. A curriculum of difficult technical music styles, development of emotional intelligence, and self discipline. Instructors and professional music teachers will provide practicums that demonstrate to students how to implement these skills in their day to day.  

The Ginseng program will partner with Jenee’s alma mater, Wiley College, to select trained teachers and instructors to participate in Ginseng. Instructors are classified as rising juniors and seniors of good academic standing, who are music majors and have successfully completed E.I. training. The goal is to teach children emotional intelligence through music, broadening the musical repertoire while catering to their natural cultural influences of music.