Ms Maya's Organic Product line

Ms. Maya's is a brand and line of products dedicated to assisting the evolution and wellness of all people. Each product is homemade with love, organic ingredients, and free of chemicals. 

For inquiries and purchases please email or visit An invoice will be emailed to you via Paypal. Order(s) will be shipped after Paypal invoice is paid. 

Let's win from within together.

Peace and Light, 

Maya Alchemist Abigail

Ms. Maya's Bliss Deo:

Handmade, homemade, aluminum-free, tea tree essential oil infused deodorant. Created with shea butter, unrefined coconut oil, beeswax and baking soda.

$7 for a 2.5 oz. 


Ms. Maya's Minty Fresh Toothpaste:

Handmade, homemade, and fluoride-free toothpaste. Minty freshness with beneficial teeth whitening properties.

 $20 for 8oz.