Seeds of Africa

Seeds of Africa's vision is to create a self-sustaining model for education and community development that can be replicated in other African communities. Starting in Ethiopia, Seeds of Africa educates and nurtures gifted children, young adults, and communities by providing: an innovative curriculum, support that meets basic needs, and community development programs. 

  • Visiting Our World is a program that opens the doors of the school. Seeds of Africa invites the world's experts to teach and share their specialized professional knowledge with students who  otherwise won't have access. In the past, this program has invited world renowned violinist and a photographer to teach students the beauty of expressing through fine arts. 
  • Young Women Leadership Program. Seeds of Africa understands that young women need specialized attention as they journey from being young girls to young women. Teaching empowerment to all student means providing equitable education. 
  • The MicroFinance Lending Program is a program that comes out of Seeds of Africa's community development initiative. Part of Seeds of Africa's approach to education is to provide resources to ease or remove obstacles that could inhibit a child's access to education. This program supports mothers of students who have been identified as needing assistance. 
  • Food Support Program. This program also lives within Seeds of Africa's community development initiative. Seeds of Africa provides food support for the families of their students. Many students are members of poor farming families. Providing food support relieves the families from potential labour loss and allows the children to stay students.  
  • Dream School Initiative: Seeds of Africa is growing fast, and expanding to hold 600 students. 


Arfaib: event plan, infrastructure planning support, grant writing